In Loving Memory of Stuart "Haney" Blackburn

 Our Friend, and Our Song Leader 
 Forever singing "Wilt thou be made whole?" 
Article from the Elizabethton Star
by Greg Miller
Stuart "Haney " Blackburn may be 80 years old, but he is still young enough to sing a joyful song unto the Lord.  "I love to sing, and I love to praise the Lord," Blackburn said.  Blackburn, who grew up on Little Dry Run in Johnson County, has attended Zion Baptist Church for about 41 years.  He says he has been the song leader for 10-12 years. "I was the assistant song leader before that," he said. Blackburn recalls that in earlier years he and his family sat on the front porch and played country and bluegrass music.  "My daddy played the banjo," he said.  "I played the guitar.  My sister played the madolin, and my brother played the fiddle.  We'd sit on the porch at night and play. There has always been music in my family."  Blackburn continued, "we'd just sit on the porch.  There wasn't anything to do or anywhere to go.  We didn't have cars or anything like that.  We had horses.  We enjoyed making music.  We just had a good time." Blackburn, who played in a rock-and-roll band many years ago, says Zion Baptist is blessed with many people who have musical abilities.  "We just had a good singing this past Sunday night," he said.  "There is really a lot of talent.  We like to use our own talent in the church when we sing, because there is so much of it.  There are so many who can      play music.  We all just have a good time in the Lord."  Blackburn says he and his wife, Agnes, enjoy attending church.  "I'll go as long as I'm able to go," he said.  "I just love to go to church and be with the Christian people."