The Deacon ministry is a praying ministry,

consisting of 10 Deacons and our Pastor.


Pictured:  Front Row (From Left to Right) Bruce Hall, Doug Bogart, Chet Bageant
Back Row (From Left to Right) Teddy Greenwell, Tim Edwards, Willie McVey, Clyde Hodge
    Clyde & Lucille Hodge        Willie & Debbie Mcvey
        Deacon Emeritus     (Bradley & Megan)
   Doug & Elaine Bogart        Teddy & Martha Greenwell

     Bruce & Sharon Hall          Chet & Bessie Bageant

  Tim & Sharon Edwards
Larry & Sally Leach
George & Brenda Roberson
Gary & Ruth Maupin

Each Deacon will minister to the church families through prayer, visitation, encouragement and many other ways. Families are also encouraged to pray for the Pastor, the Deacons and the families within the church.